Contrary to popular belief, there are actually several things that you can do to stop or reverse the progression of hair loss. It is harder to reverse the symptom if you have inherited strong genes from your parents, but it is not impossible unless you already have big bald spots where all the hair follicles has died. Persistence and determination is the key, and we will show you some of the easy things that you can do to stop or reverse hair loss. Once you have learned the tricks you will need to be persistent to keep the hair growing in a healthy environment. The approach that we will show you takes the natural, common sense approach rather than relying on medicine or cosmetic surgery. They tackle the root of the problem and will gradually stop or reverse hair loss over a period of time (such as 6 months to a year). Again, persistence and determination is the key if success is what you want. But first we will give you what you can expect when you visit a dermatologist, who are doctors specialized in skin treatments. Hair, after all, are grown from the skin. The only options from allopathic medicine are Rogaine, Propecia, and Hair Transplant. All of the options have their draw backs. Rogaine are effective mostly in the crown spots only, and it needs to be applied on a daily basis or the hair loss will come right back. Propecia is a drug that can be taken orally, but has the serious side effect of making the person impotent. Hair Transplant are not only expensive, but the procedure takes the hair from the back of the head to be transplanted to the front, which makes bald spots in the back of the head and those hair will not grow back. You will also need recovery time after every procedure which may affect your work schedule.